Thursday, May 10, 2012

10 days

First ride on any bike in 10 days.  10 days sure feels like a long time!  Tossed the Masi on the roof rack and hitched a ride with Shelly to drop Brock off before work and rode the rest of the way in.  Got 16 miles and never had to cross a highway.  Used my new Timbuk2 Lightbright Swig backpack.  Nice pack though not super big.  Just fits a change of clothes, towel, soap, sandals, and some breakfast.  I picked up the pack from DepartmentOfGoods when they had their 50% off sale only to find that it is not identical to the new model on Timbuk2's website, missing the airflow back and sternum strap.  I shot an email out to Timbuk2 customer service and they are going to send me the sternum strap for it.  I am up to 3 Timbuk2 bags, one for my laptop, one for Shelly (Snoop camera messenger) and now my bike backpack.  The above is one reason I buy Timbuk2.

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