Sunday, May 6, 2012

The week in review and OSRS #7

First a quick review of the week. I did squeeze in an hour ride last Sunday, my only ride for the week. I also got to ride my motorcycle to work four of the five days.  Been a long time since that has happened. Put in another long week at the office and had to miss my weekly coffee get together.

My great aunt passed away Friday. She was a sweet, tiny woman that had a great attitude about life. Single mom, had very little in terms of material possession, but lived a rich life.

Spent Saturday in Logan for our final 2 games in the SOSL U12 youth soccer season. First game went ok, then had to spend 4 hours between games trying to entertain Brock, who is about to turn 2. Second game ended early when the other team's coach exploded on the ref, pulled his team off the field, even gave me a shove and said "don't tell me what to do" when I suggested, politely, to calm down. Yay competitive youth sports.

At least the Team Athens race at Lake hope (OSRS #7) went well despite flooding just a day earlier. I did not race as they needed volunteers more than they needed another Cat 5 racer. Rather, I drove follow truck for the men's Cat 1/2/3 race. I forgot the real camera so all you get are these bad cell pictures.

Have a great week.

Great day to ride bikes around the lake.

Cat 1/2/3 Men's main field turning onto Mine Hollow Road from St Rt 328.

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