Friday, May 25, 2012

13 days

It is nearly Memorial Day, meaning May is nearly to an end.  This has been an exhausting month for several reasons.  Mandatory overtime: this has really worn on the entire company, stress is high, tempers are short, mistakes are being made.  Brock turned 2! And, he got an ear infection for his birthday.  Michael turned 17! Soccer: season finale at the Marietta soccer classic.  A two day tournament with hours between games.   We (Alexander Soccer U12) played a total of four games, two on Saturday the 19th, two Sunday the 20th.  The final on Sunday ended in a loss in overtime.  Ethan and I did get to watch the end of the UEFA Finals when we stopped at MBC for some nachos though.  I broke the glass in my french press.  And now, school is out and the temperatures are headed into the 90s for the long weekend.  It has been 13 days off the bike until this morning.  I had left my truck at the office to get away on a much needed date with my wife (a great evening BTW starting with a burrito from Chipoltle, coffee from the Donkey, and a relaxing sit on the college green).  Instead of her driving all the way to town to bring me to work today, I had the excuse to ride my bike.  Nice ride, but the GPS radio in my Garmin Forerunner failed again.


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