Friday, June 1, 2012


Realizing that i was going to get out of the office early (and by early, I really mean almost on time), I shot Shelly a text saying I was hoping to get a ride in after work and then take her and Brock out to dinner since the other two boys were at my folk's.  Got home and decided to ride back to my office so I could shower and Shelly could meet me there (and save 30 minutes from the evening).  The ride went great.  25+ miles, 1800 feet, and I was putting down a fairly high level of excretion.  Pulled in to the office right on time, showered, and jumped in the car.

We decided to go somewhere to sit outside since it was 75F outside.  Apparently so did everyone else.  Choice 2 was pizza only to arrive at Grinders to find they were closing early for a private party.  Eatery choices are limited when you have Brock along.  Tried to order a pizza from Papa John's to just take to the park only to be placed on hold forever.  By this time, I am getting real hungry, Shelly is beyond hungry, and we are getting grumpy.  After letting Brock play in the park for a while, we drove back uptown and got a table at Broney's.  Only issue with eating late, in uptown Athens, at a bar/grill is the place is slammed with students drinking.  It was loud, busy, and slow service.  Brock was literally climbing on the table.  Finally ate, changed Brock into PJs and headed for home.

I really did have good intentions, but it was good to just get home, get Brock to bed, and crash.  Yep.

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