Monday, June 4, 2012


Had the opportunity for a short ride on Sunday.  Hit it at a moderate pace keeping my HR low.  How? Well, my Garmin Forerunner suddenly came back to life.  I also managed to straighten my my chain (with tools).  Can't tell it was ever bent and the 14 mile afternoon ride went great.

Twisted link after I fixed it by hand on the road.  Can't tell it was ever bent now.
Had the chance to take a good look at the car too.  Damage to the driver's door, back door, and rear quarter panel.  Broken mirror, drivers window won't roll up, and the weather strip is no longer attached to the back door.  Probably going to need a set of junkyard doors and I will have to see if a friend can bang out the quarter panel. Yay.

Deer damage.
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