Wednesday, June 20, 2012


Finally got some vacation.  Has been a long time since I have been able to get any amount of time off.  Didn't go anywhere, too scared to travel with Brock, Ethan was in WV camping with Shelly's folks, etc.  Just stayed close to home, biked, ate, watched soccer, and didn't work.  Ended up riding more miles in a week than I did the entire month of May.

Heading to Lake Hope for kayaking (Shelly) and MTB (me).

On the trail.

The lake, the weather, and the patrons were all looking good.

Post ride lunch at Jackie O's to watch some UEFA Eruo '12.

Road ride, brand new asphalt on Ohio 325.

Dinner at Purple Chop Stix

Mmmm, Tom Yum Sourp

Everyone's favorite dairy farm. 

Father's day supper: grilled pizza with fresh spinach, roma tomatoes, olives, and  fresh mozzarella.  

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