Monday, April 1, 2013


The week got off to a great start when I arrived home from work to find this.  I can hear the conversation... "Hey, hold my beer while I run into the ditch and hit this guys trash can."  Whomp. Hi-Five.

Shelly and the boys were on spring break. That just means I get up and try to leave for work with as little noise and light as possible while everyone else sleeps in.  I did at least get the spark plugs changed on my Buell.  Not an easy task as you are supposed to rotate the engine out of the frame.  However, you can also do it with the right extensions, universal joints and open ended wrench through the frame if you remove the air box, so I went with that.  Besides, I got to buy a new socket universal joint to do it.

Saturday I decided I wanted a spring break.  I headed out to Lake Hope State Park for as much trails as I could squeeze in.  Got 21 miles.  Some soft spots and trees down in places, but a good way to get outside on a nice day and turn the legs into noodles.  Followed that by taking Shelly, Ethan, and Brock for ice cream (for the boys) and coffee (for us).

Finished the day making homemade whole wheat tortilla shells.  We cut up some onion, red pepper, portabella mushrooms, sauteed and then topped with goat cheese for tasty and healthy wrap.

Sunday was the typical holiday around our house.  Leave early, toddler meltdown, sit a lot, eat a lot, drive around a lot, come home tired and cranky.  Felt like we forgot the whole died and rose thing.  Happy Easter (and yes, He did die and rise!)
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