Tuesday, April 16, 2013

And then there were 3

Thursday started out with a pile of feathers. Lost a chicken only a few minutes after letting them out. Came around the house to find the neighbors dog. Coincidence? Never did find the chicken though.

Friday was crazy. No childcare for Brock due to a puking niece and Shelly had parent meetings at school = me staying home. With the IT changes at work, I no longer have email access unless I either 1) use my phone (fat chance typing weekly reports on a cell phone) or 2) use my laptop, which was in my office. So, I packed Brock in the truck and to town we came to get my computer. Headed back home and wrote my reports and sent them in. Two hours later I get an instant message (through Lotus Notes, the same program I use for email) asking if I have any weekly report updates. Great, turns out I can read email, instant message, check my calendar, but not send messages. After an hour on IM with corporate IT support, I gave up. Headed out to Scioto Hills camp around 4:30 to play music for a men's retreat.

Got down to the camp about 20 to 6 after getting slowed down by no less than a hearse with historic plates and a handicapped hang-tag without working brake lights and with a nearly flat rear tire going somewhere between 10 and 25 MPH for 4 miles.

Evening session went well, food was good, nice "man's fire", got a decent nights sleep, breakfast followed by the second session went well again. It was nice to hear men sing, doesn't happen in church. Followed by a group discussion that was encouraging, lunch, and then I hit the road for home. They played once more session after I left (the bluegrass session) but it went down hill when they tried to play "Swing Low". The men all handled it it good spirits though. A good friend suggested that "White guys singing black spirituals never works, but you can’t get people to believe it."  That right there is true wisdom friends!

We went to see a friend's band, Time Machine, Saturday evening. They played at Abrio's. We got there about 7 and was told it would be an hour and 20 minute wait! We had Brock and Ethan with us and we hungry so we left, ate at Casa, and then came back and got right in to see them play. Brock had a blast. He danced so much his hair was wet and his face was red. When they quit playing, he yelled "again! again!". They played pop/rock covers from 50's though 70's.

Skipped racing Sunday. Allergies (presumably) have me beat down. Played at church instead. It was a train wreck. We somehow lost the acoustic guitar in the house between sound checks and service. Phil (acoustic player) didn't realize it and I couldn't get his attention. Finally after the 3rd song I got Don's attention who then got Phil's. They had to move a mic over for him. We played 3 songs with bass and drums and a little fill in from electric guitar. The singers missed a queue in one song, sang the wrong part in another. The team handled it well though. Finished with I'll Fly Away. We nailed it and the congregation enjoyed it.

Messed around at home all afternoon. While we were out on the deck, Brock playing, I walked inside to pour a cup of coffee. I heard a chicken start squawking. Headed out to find a pile of feathers and only 3 chickens. Starting to believe it wasn't the dog on Thursday. Bet we have a fox or coyote problem. Just before it was time to go to our small study group, Brock fell on the deck and got 5 splinters in his hand. A few of them were significant. By the time I got 3 of them pulled he was in total meltdown mode. We didn't make it to group.

All my emails from Friday finally sent yesterday afternoon when we got internet access back at the office.

My great aunt passed away on Sunday. Heading to her viewing today.  I did get out on the bike at lunch.  What a difference a week makes...

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