Tuesday, April 9, 2013


Got to stay home for half a day last week with Brock who had come down with a fever.  We spent the morning just playing.  It was kind of nice, though I am sad that he feels rough.
"me cut it!"
 Picked up a new camera this week.  Found this Panason Lumix DMC-TS20 on clearance at Staples for $59.  Not nearly as nice as my LX5 or LX7 I have at work or as versatile as our DSLR, but nice for a rugged camera (supposed to be water/shock/dust/freeze proof).  Figure it will be a great little camera to carry on the bike and motorcycle.

 Ethan has started track season and though Shelly didn't really get a good shot of Ethan hurdling (he is in lane 2 here), it is a nice shot with the new camera.

Brock didn't have much interest in the track meet so we played instead.  He enjoyed catching big fish in the lake by the track.
Saturday was the work day.  Great weather outside meant I worked hard to get some things done.  Even harder work with all the help from Brock, but we accomplished a lot anyway.  Tried to steal a bike ride in the afternoon only to get a flat (on my new Kenda Kountach's none the less) after about 5 miles.  Patched it on the side of the road and turned around for home.

Sunday evening we took a walk and let Brock play in the creek with his little dinosaurs.  At least I got in a nice mountain bike ride at lunch on Monday.  Just a touch of green peaking through.

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