Wednesday, May 15, 2013

May goodness

Why is it that every year it seems like life tries to squeeze all the life out of you at one time, usually in May.  This year it is mother's day, two birthdays, a graduation, on top of the now normal stress at Shelly's job and me with a broken foot just doesn't help.  Still, as big of a pain as it is, I am blessed.  My father in law helped out by fixing Michael's car (ruptured brake lines) and changed the oil.  My folks and brother helped me mow my yard and then my folks picked up 1.5 tons of washed #4 river rock to put down in our flower beds.  It will be full on go mode until Shelly is out of school for the year when everything will suddenly stop.

I got a message from Athens Bicycle today reminding me that this Sunday is the Wayne Ultra XXC.  I have been wanting to do this for several years and as if Michael's 18th birthday wasn't enough of an excuse to miss this time, the broken foot is.

I also (reluctantly) got a new phone to replace my smashed Android.  Went with an iPhone.  When it doesn't seem like a necessity but rather a luxury, it is hard to drop the money.  At least I got it on sale ($50 off) but still had to re-up for another 2 years on my contract.  Looking forward, 2 years seems like a long time.  Once I get there I will be wondering where the days went.
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