Thursday, May 2, 2013

That wasn't supposed to happen.

One of the joys of growing older, having more responsibility, less time, more stress, more anxiety, and so on is the impact on your health.  This time, it is my heart.  I have had a three week bout of irregular heartbeats that have varied from barely noticeable to downright uncomfortable.  Visit my doctor and after some blood work that says I am quite healthy, I am wearing a heart monitor that records every beat for 48 hours with 5 patches glued to my chest. More on that later...

Tuesday I finally had the opportunity to go turkey hunting.  I couldn't go at all last week due to illnesses and related childcare issues.  After some excitement early on, the woods turned quiet.  I enjoyed a good cup of coffee from my thermos and watched the work go very slowly by.  After a bit I checked my phone to see what time it was and noticed an email from a good friend which I replied to.  He responded: "Dude, you need to unplug yourself and turn off your phone. Enjoy your time alone."

After hunting and grabbing a bite to eat, I decided to not head to the office for our 1pm conference call and instead pulled out the old Honda for an easy ride on the back roads.

25 miles later, I found myself on the ground.  What turned out to be a minor slow speed low side when I stuck the front tire in some loose gravel in a turn resulted in a pretty strong pain in my right foot.  I picked the bike back up, rolled it into a driveway and tried to kick start it.  One word. Pain.  I finally got it started with my left foot supporting myself on the right and rode on home.  Showered and called Shelly.

Me: Hi babe, how is your day?
Her: Good
Me: Great, ummm, so no big deal really, but I am driving to the ER to have my foot looked at, pretty sure I broke something.
Her: What!?
Me: Yeh, I am fine though so I'll call you later.  Oh, and I broke my phone too...

Final damage = broken 3rd metatarsal in my right foot from what appears to have been an impact with the brake pedal.  The ER sent me home with a nice splint, crutches, and a tetanus shot.  Oh, and back to the heart monitor.  So, I have this open order for the monitor.  Heck, I am already at the hospital, might as well take care of that too.

Followed up with the ortho yesterday.  Good news is that it was a "good break".  I get to have a boot rather than a cast which means I will get to take a shower (at least, as soon as I get the heart monitor off).  

Still don't know what is causing the heart issues and now I have to buy a new phone.  This was supposed to ease my stress and anxiety.

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