Friday, May 31, 2013

Moving on

It has been a crazy couple of weeks.  End of school and birthdays means I now have an "adult" son and yesterday, he moved out.  Now, not into the adult world, but into his grandma's house.  Shelly seemed a little down, but I do think in the long run, it will be better.  My foot continues to heal and my irregular heart beat has been up and down.  But, I did get a bike ride in this week for the first time in a month, short one on the bike path, but a ride none the less.  Enjoy the photos.

From the back deck.
Storm took a tree down over the road and on to the phone line.  The township took care of part of it.  The rest was balancing on the phone line for nearly a week!
Dragged out the old 4 wheeler which of course needed a little work to get going.  Brock says "we fix it daddy".
Brock saw Ethan on his bike and had to ride really fast too.
Wednesday morning coffee at Donkey before work.
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