Thursday, March 3, 2016

Quote of the week

This time, the quote isn't from a 5 year old boy, but my pastor who said (during his Sunday message no less) that he is "thankful God gave him a wife that doesn't expect anything special on their anniversary". Hmmm

I spent last Saturday working the "outdoor Expo" at the church. This used to be the Wild Game Dinner, but as the pastor doesn't hunt and wants to appeal to the larger outdoor rec crowd, we have expanded. This is the first year for the change in theme and I was asked to provide a display for cycling. Both Cycle Path Bicycles and Athens Bicycle handed me bikes to put on display (thanks a bunch to both places!). The crowd was heavily slanted to towards the hunting side of things, but it was good to let folks know the cycling option is here.

Sunday the temperatures rose back to spring time levels, so the kids played outside and I even got to ride my bike. Today, the wood stove is stoked and flakes are falling.

Setting up the bike display.

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