Thursday, March 31, 2016

Spring Break

School is on spring break this week and with Wednesday going to be a candidate for a Tony Cavalier Top 10'er, I took a vacation day so we could get out.  Ethan has been wanting to get to Lake Hope for some trail riding. Now that I have a geared mountain bike I decided I would ride from home to the lake and meet the family there, then Ethan and I would take a loop of the lake while Shelly and Brock did some hiking, followed by a late lunch at the lodge. Sadly, the lodge was closed so instead we drove in to Athens for some pizza at Jackie O's.

I read a disturbing article this week that pedestrian traffic deaths are up in Ohio by 124%! This is a clear indication that our roads and towns are all planned and designed around 4 wheeled, motorized traffic.  My office is along East State St in Athens, a 5 lane (2 + 2 + 1 turning) street with most of the chain shopping and eating along one side. The other side is residential. Even though one could easily walk a couple of blocks to Kroger, it is safer to drive a car there and thus avoid needing to walk across the street. This is crazy. I understand the need for free flowing transportation, but we clearly need to take a good look at how we could do it in a away that permits walking and biking. 

Stay safe out there.

Great back road ride to the lake.
Controlled burn in Zaleski State Forest.

Fine line between thrill and terror?
Half of a pair of black snakes out getting some sun.

Couple of Redlines post washing.

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