Wednesday, October 24, 2012

A good day for a birthday.

Another year has now come and gone.  Instead of getting sentimental about the time passing or depressed about my age, I went riding.  Or, at least tried.  Did 10 miles on Friday after lunch until it started to rain on me.  Spent the evening at my folks for dad's birthday.

Rode the MTB Saturday after switching back to my rigid fork (the suspension forks has some bad stiction and needs a repair).  As I was almost to the trail, it rained good and continued on and off for an hour.  The trails were in good shape though.  Made it 13 miles before hearing BRRAAPP!  No idea what I hit but it knocked the bead off the rim and I got to walk another mile with the bike on my shoulder to get out of the woods.


Sunday was another story.  It was sunny, warm (in the 60's) though a bit breezy.  I got out in the afternoon and made a loop around Lake Alma.  Finished up right at 50 miles for the day.  Followed the ride with a fire, playing outside, some potatoes, peppers, onions, and kielbasa wrapped up and cooked on the coals. Shelly even made me a batch of peanut butter cookies!  It was a good day for a birthday.


It was windy yesterday.  I did head out at lunch for a run and by the time I hit 3 miles, I was done.  6 hours of riding in three days had my legs shot.  Got home last night and could hardly see the driveway for all the leaves that came down.  Today started with a bit of rain and a motorcycle ride to Donkey for coffee before work.
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