Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Flying is for the birds

Had the chance to ride some of the Vinton county roads last Saturday.  Good ride, several hard climbs, and in the middle of nowhere, an old train tunnel cut out of the rock.

Sunday, after playing bass at church, I hit the couch with a serious sore throat and subsequent sinus pain.  But, the sun came out and Shelly wanted some fall family photos.  Went great, Brock more than cooperated.

All images copyright Shelly Mansfield 2012

Flash back to last Friday; my supervisor informs me I am going to Denver on Tuesday (today).  Cool, short trip and I have been wanting to see area anyway.  Well, birds surely could have flown there faster!  My 3:45 flight was first delayed to 4:45, then moved up to 4:30, then on hold for maintenance, then delayed to 11:30. Ugh, only an hour left!  On the plus side, my head feels like it is going to explode.  The flight should really feel great.
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