Monday, October 15, 2012

Mountains, plains and planes

Last Friday was a mad rush in the office to get travel arrangements made as I was told I needed to fly to Denver Tuesday to help support testing on Wednesday.  Fast forward through the busy weekend and me getting a cold just in time to fly, I arrived at the air port 2 hours before my 3:45p flight.  Not at the gate for 10 minutes and I get an alert on my mobile from United that my flight is now delayed to 4:45.  That time came and as they were starting to board, we were informed of a mechanical issue with the plane.  The flight was then delayed until 11:30p.  The ticket counters were flooded with folks trying to make connecting flights.  I, on the other hand, left the airport, got some supper, went to CVS to get some cold/sinus meds and came back.  Security lines are pretty short at 11p! We had a plane come in around 11:30, unload, and then, we wait.  No pilots.  Finally took off around 1:09am.   Arrived at my hotel in Louisville at 5:30 my time (3:30 local), 24 hours after I got out of bed, I hit the bed for a four hour nap before heading out to work.

This was my first trip to Denver (or the west if you don't count the CA coast).  When I rolled out of the hotel I was amazed at the towering horizon.  Now, those are mountains!  Looking east it is a rolling plain, west, the Rockies!  Worked the day, through the haze of lack of sleep and cold meds getting back to the hotel around 5:00 in the afternoon.  The manager was nice enough to recommend a nice spot a short drive out to see some mountains up close.  Walked around taking in the sights and shooting pictures until dusk and then drove in to Boulder for some supper.  Luckily, the return trip was easy, other than me getting stuck in the middle seat, giving up my aisle seat for a lady who said she had to use the facilities a lot.  I was too tired to care and at least it was on time.  Made it home in time to see Ethan's soccer game.

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