Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Tuesday updates.

Life sure seems crazy recently, both good and bad kinds of crazy.

Grandma Erma passed away on Sunday evening.  What a humble lady.  I am glad to have known her and I know she will be missed by her friends, her family, and her church.

Speaking of church, our Senior Pastor, Rob Vernon, resigned on Sunday citing irreconcilable differences with the church leadership team.  I don't know for sure how to think about this.  I am disappointed and frustrated by it.  We are the church and unless these are doctrinal differences, they are not irreconcilable.  We are the church though, and while it may be tough, we will get through.  Time will tell...

Monday evening I helped a close friend pick up some chicken coops.  We hauled three of these things about 12 miles (one way) down Ohio St. Rt. 555, one of the most twisty roads in SE Ohio.  Glad to help them out though.

Pretty sure there is a redneck joke here somewhere.
We also picked up our chicks.  Our friends helped us get started with 8 Buff Rock laying hens.  Figured I live in the sticks, might as well have some chickens.

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