Wednesday, May 4, 2011


Just filled out my registration for the Ohio University Athletes in Action sprint triathlon. $76! Really?  Seems like a lot considering. For comparison sake, I can race the 72 mile Wilkesville-2-Wilkesville Classic next weekend for $27. Race-on-the-River in Racine Ohio (a non USAT event) is $30.  Enough venting, not sure I am in shape for the OUAIA triathlon anyway.  Would rather have the money to by plants/flowers/ferns for my wife for mother's day.

On a positive note, I spent 45 minutes on the rollers last night.  I now have a few hours on the new saddle (Fizik Antares) and have to say I really like it.  I can feel more pressure on my sit bones than with the old stock saddle (and much less pressure on my perineum = no numbness).

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