Friday, May 13, 2011

Wilkesville Hawk Station Pre-ride

Pre-road the Hawk Station Road loop before work today to get the legs activated.  A little worried about hitting this hill after 56 miles of racing.

From the Cycle Path:  "Climbing out of the Raccoon Creek Valley, Hawk Station Hill is not the steepest hill around but it is a climb that makes the muscles in your legs cry for mercy (especially after 60 miles of hard racing). The ascent starts out mellow enough at 4% and goes down hill. Then the pitch goes up to 11% and goes down hill. Next you make a sharp right turn and you head into a 13% grade and up to a 16% grade. Then when most hills in this neck of the wood level out, Hawk Station throws .5 miles of up hill rollers to gain 50 ft. more elevation. This makes for a hill that first gives you no chance to set a rhythm and then it unrelentingly takes away a chance at a speedy recovery."

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